Excellent reporting as always by Herb Welch tonight.

don’t write my copy, you lifeguard.


Excellent reporting as always by Herb Welch tonight.

don’t write my copy, you lifeguard.

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Happy Halloween, y’all.

This is literally the most important thing.

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Don’t Say You Love Me  by Fiction Family

An 84 year old man asked me if I am red head (I am not). I asked him what he thought and he checked to see if my eyes are green (they are not).

Upon concluding that they are and I am, he told me his wife had been a red head.

And that she was the meanest person he’d ever known.

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It’s Hardly Noticable: Photographs That Represent the Feeling of Anxiety

Photographer John William Keedy has had to deal with an anxiety disorder for some nine years now. Never feeling like he quite fit in, and at times so nervous around crowds that he would only go to the grocery store when he was certain it was empty, he’s intimately familiar with the type of neurotic behavior a condition like his can encourage.

His photo series It’s Hardly Noticeable is an exploration of these neurotic, obsessive and strange behaviors that manifest as part of anxiety-based mental disorders.

The series also takes a long hard look at normalcy, and what it means to be normal.

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I wrote myself a note on January 19th.

"The projects you most admire are independent and esoteric.  Create, create, create.  You admire work, not fame.  Fun, not popularity."

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  • Terrible dreams featuring celebrities (ex. Joey Fatone, Jon Stewart, Willem Dafoe)


We’re coming to Chicago! We’ll be a part of C2E2 from April 25-27. There’ll be special events, an improv show, signings, panels, and more!

In addition to WJ Players Marc Evan Jackson, Craig Cackowski, Hal Lublin, and Mark Gagliardi, we’re bringing some pals along: Scott Adsit (30 Rock),

205 plays
Thrilling Adventure Hour,
Nerdist Industries


Ride Along, Sparks Nevada written by Eban Schletter and performed by Sara Watkins and Sean Watkins from episode 118 - Sparks Nevada’s I’m From Earth Day Special (x)

If I am whistling, this is what I am whistling.

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